What now? The Prospect of Graduating

ImageWhen first arriving at University I really didn’t give my fnial year a minutes thought; never mind graduating. But now, that time is upon me. I am in my final year at University and later this year I will be graduating; I hope anyway.

So what now? What’s next for me? I’m assuming that every final year student is asking themselves that same question. Some may have an idea of what they want to do, but for many, it’s rather daunting to imagine leaving behind the University experience and venturing off into that big bad world. I’ve really enjoyed my stint at University, I’ve had some great times. And I’m hoping that what I’ve got out of my course and the degree itself will help me in the future, as who knows what will happen?

After leaving, returning home and getting used to being under my parents roof again, what opportunities await me? How quick will I find that job? Will, I ever find that job? Depending on my final grade, will I want to become a postgraduate? These are all questions being asked in my head. But first I’ve got to finish my spell at University to stand any chance of graduating. And so far my final year really has felt like the most crucial semesters. More work, less time for fun and the dreaded – Dissertation. Also the fact that my final year grades count for a lot more of my final grade making this year a significant one.

Finishing University will hopefully open many doors for me but with the recent news of the sheer number of 16 – 24 year olds without a job rising another 22,000 to 1.4million, taking the unemployment rate to 22.2%. Doesn’t put me at ease an makes rather difficult reading. But at the same time last year’s UK Graduate Careers Survey saw a record number of final year student applying for jobs earlier than in the previous year as the confidence in the graduate employmeny market improved. 40% of final year students believed that they would be able to start a job or at leat be looking for one aftey University, compared with 36% in 2010. Latet research has been encouraging as 2012 may see an increase, the third consecutive year that recruitment has risen. This should be taken with a pinch of salt as yes, it’s not easy out there but, with perseverence and a game plan I’m sure we can all be where we want to be eventually.

But before that, it’s the graduation ceremony itself. It will be an experience like no other. Putting on the robes and receiving my diploma is what it’s all about, it’s the reason one has gone to University. I come from a family of non-graduates, I am only one of a few that have gone on to University. So my graduation ceremony will be a proud moment for my family and for myself.

But whatever happens after my time at Univerity and graduation I will take many good things away with me and not forget them. I’ve learnt a lot, made so many good friengs anf had some brilliant times. And although it will be shame to leave it all behind, I think it’s now time to move on and start the next part of my life.

So what now? I really don’t know. But, I’m ready for it and looking forward to it. Good luck fellow final years!


About tomrobinsonblog

I am a film student and budding journalist.
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