A hidden treehouse deep in the woods


Canadian carpenter Joel Allen has finished building an incredible tree-house after spending months trying to find the perfect spot. The tree-house is built on public land in Hemlocks, Whistler, Western Canada and overlooks a row of multi-million dollar homes.

The tree-house itself has cost thousands of dollars in materials and took years to construct. An important element in building this superb home was the shape of the tree-house. It’s a egg shape which suited the environment and was proportionate to the tree that its sits upon. 

For a long time Allen had been keeping his tree-house a secret, but now he has begun sharing it’s beauty. Allen said that “Coming out of the bush about the HemLoft is fun, however it poses a few problems; if people know about it, they might try to find it. And if the wrong people find it, they may make me take it down”..

Unfortunately due to the tree-house being built on a public land, Allen doesn’t actually own it, so the fate of this magnificent house is uncertain.


As well as Joel Allen’s project, Simon Dale built a Hobbiton inspired house in Wales. The house has solar panels that work various appliances and it also offers a refrigerator along with a nearby spring that supplies the water for the house.

A home fit for a Hobbit some would say. The home was built in just four months and cost around £3000. Most of the materials Dale used were items he had found in skips.

Both of these unconventual dwellings are fantastic examples of how with a enough resources and knowledge you can build almost anything. And after all ‘home is what you make it’.

I personally would love nothing more than to live somewhere like the shire and this, is as close as it comes.


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