Titanic II to set sail in 2016


A new state-of-the-art Titanic is to be built and ready to set sail by 2016 according to reports today.

Australian Businessman Clive Palmer, 58 has enlisted the help of a Chinese state-owned company to build a modern version of the fateful passenger liner that sank on her maiden voyage back in the summer of 1912.

ImagePalmer is worth an estimated $3 – $6 billion and owns Mineralogy (mining company), is a former owner of the A-League’s Gold Coast United soccer team. Palmer is also a member of the National Party of Australia and in 2002 was appointed Adjunct Professor of Business at Deakin University.

The proposed ship according to Palmer is set to be “Luxurious as the original Titanic but of course it will have 21st Century technology and the latest navigation and safety systems”.

The sinking of the original Titanic cost 1,514 people their lives and the vessels legacy has lived on with this month celebrating it’s 100th year Anniversary. And with such a legacy, these proposed plans if they go ahead will be an extremely momentous occasion and a fitting tribute to many. But some might argue that the idea of building a Titanic II is in bad taste and would be rather disrespectful.

It is a very ambitious task and will cause lots of controversy if the proposed plans go under way. But also, how many people would be willing to board a ship based on one that sank and took so many lives with it.


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