An Evening At The Hobbit

On the weekend I went to The Hobbit pub, Southampton. And let me just say one thing – wow, what a set up. It’s a pub in the centre of Southampton aimed at students studying in the city.

A friend of mine told me about this place and as a huge Lord of the Rings fan, I couldn’t wait to check it out. It is a huge place, the beer garden was enormous, I had never seen one this big before.

As soon as I entered the pub, which was free to get in, I saw Aragorn in the corner of the room and opposite him a huge banner promoting all the £1.50 shots on offer (of course they were LOTR themed). I walked over to the bar and asked for a cocktail, to be precise a Frodo cocktail. It wasn’t bad but what I enjoyed the most about the drink was that it was called a Frodo.

After wondering around and checking out the rest of the pub I decided to go for my second drink of the night. This time I went for a Bilbo along with a shot of Pippin (decided to keep my drinks Hobbit themed too).

It all felt pretty mad, people were drinking beverages named after characters from The Lord of the Rings, but i thought it was great.

Earlier this year The Hobbit pub was in the news over its name and use of J.R.R Tolkien’s character’s and imagery. Reports claimed that Middle-earth Enterprises who own many of the rights to Tolkien’s work suggested that the pub was profiting from its name and must seize trading. But the pub’s owners hit back saying that the pub has been called The Hobbit for over twenty years. Landlady Stella Roberts, 41 said “It has always been a tribute to Tolkien’s work and not a case of us jumping on a commercial bandwagon.”

Gandalf himself, Sir Ian McKellen defended The Hobbit pub when he said “I haven’t been there but it’s clearly not a place to ill-treat hobbits, elves, dwarves and wizards, in any way”.

The Hobbit pub which offers open mic nights, karaoke, £3.50 cocktrails and live music frequently did receive some great news weeks after the controversy surrounding them, when it was confirmed that Sir Ian and Stephen Fry actually agreed to pay the fee for the pub’s copyright settlement.

“The battle of Helm’s Deep is over; the battle for Middle Earth is about to begin” (Gandalf).

I’m so pleased for the pub as it’s a great place, and for any LOTR fan, the perfect place to have a drink.


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2 Responses to An Evening At The Hobbit

  1. This looks like a very cool place!

  2. Awesome, can’t wait to go there

    They should’ve stuck Gandalf infront of the cash machine
    “You Shall Get Cashhhhhhh”

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