Before Watchmen: Do I Need It?


Yesterday saw the release of issue Nite Owl #1 of the new Before Watchmen series. The fourth comic in the new DC Comics prequels to the Watchmen.

I am a huge fan of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons original Watchmen creation and unlike a lot of people, I almost looked forward to the prequel series. I kind of thought that as a fan of the original Watchmen I needed to read these new prequels. But now… I’m not so sure.

Upon reading the first instalment that was Minutemen #1 I can honestly say that I enjoyed it. I really liked Darwyn Cooke’s take on the Minutemen, some of the scenarios and introductions of the characters I thoroughly enjoyed. Next, Silk Spectre #1 also really good in my opinion, a great story and nice take on one of the main Watchmen characters.

So last week I picked up Comedian #1, now the Comedian is a fascinating character, pretty vial at times but interesting. And once again as with the first two instalments, I thoroughly enjoyed the read. Especially the art work, some great illustrations.

But, my concern and doubts about the series came from Nite Owl #1. I didn’t like it, I wasn’t a fan of the story one bit and even the illustrations didn’t tick any of my boxes. It just lacked originality unlike the first three comics.

So, my final verdict so far is that I enjoyed the first three and hated the fourth. What does that mean for the rest of the series? Now, I do not feel as if I need to read this series like I thought when I originally heard about the release of them.

I think I will end up getting bored and not feel the need to collect anymore. Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s original Watchmen creation offers me enough. So I think, I will stick with that.


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