Tori the Orangutan to Kick the Habit

In an attempt to stub out a 15-year-old primates decade long nicotine addiction, Indonesia zookeepers have been forced to move Tori out of visitors’ reach as this is claimed to be the reason for her love affair with cigarettes.

Tori, those parents also smoked started to imitate visitors smoking over ten years ago when they would throw their cigarette buts into her cage. Today when Tori does not get her daily fix of tobacco she becomes angry and throws things if she is denied a cigarette.

The zookeepers at Taru Jurug zoo in Solo have all ready tried and failed to get this chain-smoking primate off the fags but now with the help of Borneo based Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) they plan to move Tori and her partner Didik, who is new to the zoo and prefers to stamp out the cigarettes, to a small island in a lake near by.

Until that day, extra volunteers have been appointed to help install mesh netting around Tori’s enclosure in the hope of preventing visitors from throwing in their butts.

Reports from two years ago show that Surabaya zoo in East Java, saw 25 of its 4,000 animals die prematurely each month. This included a Sumatran tiger and an African lion. Also in March this year, a 30-year-old giraffe was found dead at the zoo and the cause of death was a huge ball of plastic in its stomach. Due to years of eating litter thrown into its surroundings by visitors.

Hopefully Tori the 15-year-old orangutan can kick her habit in time.


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