Ignore your alphabet when it comes to movies

I am a huge fan of cult cinema, I just love movies that are different, unique ‘crap’ in some audiences opinion.

And the B-Movie is no exception, they are just great in my opinion. Sure they’re cheesy, low-budget and badly acted but they are entertaining.

Exploitation cinema is the modern-day ‘freak show’, that… ‘grabs an audience by offering something unavailable elsewhere’ (Watson,74:1997)

Cult movies go way back to the 1930s when the ‘Hays Code’ was introduced in order to regulate what was seen on screens. This caused many filmmakers to rebel against the code and produce truly grotesque cinema. Movies like Mom & Dad, 1945 directed by William Beaudine caused controversy but was hugely popular.

By the late 1960s a wide variety of exploitation and experimental cinema turned obscure underground films into cult movies. Films like Mondo Cane, 1962 directed by Paolo Cavara, Gialtiero Jacopetti and Franco Prosperi and Pink Flamingos, 1972 directed by John Waters went on to become massive cult movies. Pink Flamingos only cost $10,000 to make but in its re-release took $7,000,0000.

I think B-Movies, Z-Movies – they’re all as good as big Hollywood blockbusters we see today (some, are even better).

My conclusion and the point that I am trying to make is that no matter what the budget is or how good the actors are or aren’t, cult movies are fabulously bad. Some are extremely politically incorrect, rude, gory and just plain silly, but god are they entertaining!

I’m making it my mission to watch as many cult films as I can, any you think I should be watching… Let me know!


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I am a film student and budding journalist.
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