MOvember: Day Eight

‘Jazz… Niiiiiiiiiiice’

Day eight of MOvember, and the days are getting darker, colder and my upper lip – hairier! I already think that my MO is more fuller now on day eight than it was on day thirty of my last MOvember attempt two years ago.

I know a few people participating in this year’s MOvember but I haven’t seen as many MOustaches out and about as I thought I may have this year. I’m sure you all out there somewhere! My own MO, I am getting used to now – no close calls with the electric shaver recently!

Today’s rather ‘camp’ MO photo is set in a 1920s New York city jazz club, most likely in the corridor just outside the toilets where its less noisy and with more space to pose for a photo.

Oh, well done President Obama, four more years…


MOustaches in the News

By the Irish Independent

Irish rugby star Jamie Heaslip is sporting a moustache for the fifth Movember in a row, and admits he has taken inspiration this year from Clark Gable – and Marty Whelan for his look. “I’m going for the Clark Gable this year. He was a pretty great movie star so if it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for me.”

Jamie has one other important source of inspiration for facial hair – veteran Presenter Marty Whelan. “Marty Whelan is sort of the ultimate moustache mentor in Ireland. He’s has his for years – he’s like the godfather of Irish moustaches.”

Jamie also admits that his new tache is the perfect way to catch the eyes of a lady. “It’s definitely a conversation starter, It gets people talking. They want to know why you’re growing it. It definitely breaks the ice.”


Useless Facts about MOustaches

The oldest portrait showing a shaved man with a moustache is an ancient Iranian (Scythian) horseman from 300 BCE.

The Scythians first appeared in the historical record in the 8th century BC. Reports have been made of three contradictory versions as to the origins of the Scythians, but placed greatest faith in this version.


Famous MOustaches

Often confused with the Handlebar Moustache, the horseshoe was popularized by modern cowboys and consists of a full moustache with vertical extensions from the corners of the lips down to the jaw line and resembling an upside-down horseshoe. Also known as “biker moustache”. Here, beautifully worn by Hulk (Hulkamania) Hogan of WWF now WWE fame.



Which MOustached comedy film character requested the following whilst on a date? “I’ll have three fingers of Glenlivet, with a little bit of pepper… And some cheese”.

Day Four’s answer: SALMA HAYEK


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  1. Ian Kitt says:

    Looking good buddy, very sexy

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