MOvember: Day Eleven

“Bring me my Chariot of Fire”

Day eleven of MOvember coincided with Remembrance Day (Poppy Day) and I have been sporting a poppy all week as well as my MO, both in the means to raise vital awareness.

Progress in the MOustache front has been great, I am happy with the hairiness of my upper lip so far. I now have enough hair in place so that I can stroke it whilst thinking about issues that concern us gentleman with MOs.

Today’s MO photo is paying homage to the film Chariots of Fire, 1981, directed by Hugh Hudson. A British film that tells the story of two athletes in the 1924 Olympic Games.

At the box office the film made $58,972,904 and won a BAFTA Award for Best Film, an Academy Award for Best Picture at the 54th Academy Awards, a BAFTA Award for Best Film at the 35th British Academy Awards and a nomination for Best Director, Hugh Hudson.


MOustaches in the News

On the second Sunday of November, we remember those who have given their lives for the peace and freedom we enjoy today. On this day people across the nation pause to reflect on the sacrifices made by our brave Service men and women.

Today is the 11 November and at exactly 11am, people all around the UK did just that. The country stopped what they were doing to remember past and present solders that served for king/queen and country.

The second Sunday of November represents Armistice Day which is the anniversary of the end of hostilities in the First World War on the 11 November at 11 a.m. in 1918.

A number of men at war sported impressive MOs, but today the UK remembered all fallen soldiers, MOustached or not.


Useless Facts About MOustaches

The Austrian Armed Forces permits moustaches and sideburns, as long as they are neatly trimmed. Of the Irish Defence Forces, moustaches are permitted with permission. The Norway Royal Guards are required to be clean-shaven. The Brazilian Army, Brazilian Navy and Brazilian Air Force permit moustaches, as long as they are trimmed to just above the upper lip.

The Australian Army and Royal Australian Air Force, allow neatly trimmed moustaches and sideburns. From the late 19th century, British soldiers were forbidden to shave their upper lips. This regulation was finally abolished by an Army Order dated 6 October 1916.

In the Lebanese Armed Forces only trimmed moustaches are allowed that don’t pass the upper lip. In Pakistan Army there is a special allowance for bigger moustaches but they must be neat and trimmed. According to German military tradition, soldiers should not have beards, only moustaches.


Famous MOustaches

Black Dynamite, played by actor and martial artist Michael Jai White, born November 10 1967, sports an impressive chevron MOustache which is thick and wide, usually covering the top of the upper lip. Black Dynamite, 2009 is a spoof of the Blaxploitation films of the 1970’s.



MOustache sporting,  theoretical physicist Albert Einstein is well-known for developing what?

Day Four’s Answer: Ron Burgundy


Thanks for reading.

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