MOvember: Day Nineteen

Makin’ MOsic

It’s day nineteen of this years MOvember and so far it’s been a hairy one. I’ve made a little money so far but hope to raise even more from now till the end of the month. As the tash goes, I’m really happy with my progress – I didn’t actually think I had it in me.

Fully over the half way point now, weeks to go untill the end of November is upon us which means the end of my hairy adventure. Todays MO photo was tricky, I completely changed my idea at the last-minute but the final theme is MOsic, an art form whose medium is sound and silence. A still of silence being broken with the sound of the original pocket electric organ, a Stylophone.


MOustaches in the News

By BBC News

A school has banned a pupil from growing a moustache for a charity campaign because it says it is not an “inclusive” activity.

Gus Hooker, 13, from Dunstable, Bedfordshire, wanted to take part in Movember when his school, The Priory Academy said it was “not an activity that many children would be able to join in with”.

However, his father Paul Hooker said the teenager was refused permission because he would look “different”.

Mr Hooker said he was told his son was one of only a few pupils of his age with facial hair and the others would be unable to take part.

A spokesperson for the school said it could only support fundraising activities that are “entirely inclusive”.

As a compromise, the school has allowed the teenager to organise a charity dress down day on 30 November, in which students will be allowed to wear fake moustaches for a £1 donation.


Useless Facts About MOustaches

The Handlebar MOustache club was formed in 1947.


Famous MOustaches

On one of the more rare occasions when Bruce Wayne sports a MOustache,  Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, 1986, sees a 55-year-old Batman with a meaty chevron moustache – thick and wide, usually covering the top of the upper lip. In 2005, Time Magazine chose the graphic novel as one of the ’10 best English Language Graphic Novels Ever Written’.



Which American stand-up comedian and actor voiced this MOustached talking vegetable in the Toy Story 1995, 1999, 2010 films?

Day Fifteen’s Answer: J.R.R TOLKIEN


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