MOvember: Day Twenty Eight

“There is no need to be killing badgers and it’s a terribly irresponsible thing  to be suggesting at this time, and I’m depressed that people should want to” (Brian May).

MOvember, day twenty-eight. The month is almost up, this year’s annual spouting of moustaches is nearing its end. It really will be a sad day, for twenty-eight days now I have sported a hairy upper lip. It has kept me warm, given me company and overall has made me a better man.

This evening’s MO photo is in honour of Queen guitarist, Brian May and his ongoing fight to save the mighty badger.

Warning: NO badgers were harmed in the making of this post!


MOustaches in the news

US musician Nile Rodgers was diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer (which Movember raises money for) just over two years ago.

Nile who has worked with many artists including David Bowie, Diana Ross and Madonna and since the 1970s has been a band member of the R&B group Chic.

Nile, who has sported a MO in his career opted for a radical prostatectomy – which removes the whole prostate gland.

Since then, Nile’s health has been improving and, according to recent scans, he remains cancer-free.

Nile said: “As I approach my second cancer-free year, I’m starting to feel like myself again.”


Useless facts about MOustaches

The longest moustache measures 4.29 m (14 ft) and belongs to Ram Singh Chauhan (India).

It was measured on the set of Lo Show dei Record in Rome, Italy, on 4 March 2010.



Famous MOustaches

French musician, Jacques Dutronc isn’t known for sporting a moustache throughout his long career. But here, he gives a great example of a more natural look MO. Dutronc has released many albums and has also appeared in several movies.



Which Spanish surrealist painter published a book dedicated solely to his moustache?

Day twenty six’s Answer: YMCA


Thanks for reading.

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One Response to MOvember: Day Twenty Eight

  1. Lily Wight says:

    I’m enjoying your ‘tache. It’s rather dashing. Can I have that badger, please.

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