Lists… Can’t live with them, can’t live without them


Life is often hectic, busy with lots to remember. Sometimes you need to remember really important stuff – email addresses, phone numbers and much more. Why not make a note of all this important stuff. But do you need to make a list for everything, and I mean everything? I do, and I don’t know why!

I love a good old list, whether it’s on a piece of paper, saved onto my mobile phone or on the back of my hand I must make a note of it. I can’t put a finger on why I feel so obliged to do this I just do. Maybe it’s because I haven’t got a terribly great memory, or maybe because I like to be extra organised. Whatever it is, it is turning into a problem.

This obsession has obviously gone into overdrive with Christmas fast approaching. This festive occasion is a list bonanza! By the end of November I had made my Christmas list. By the beginning of December I had made my ‘presents to get’ list, and today, I made a revised ‘last minute – presents to get’ list.

It’s not just at Christmas, It’s all year round. General things to do, shopping lists, workings out, sometimes I even find myself making two copies of the same list because I’m not happy with the look of the first. That’s right – I write a first draft, read over it, then write an improved second draft, of a list.

I mean I ‘m not hurting anyone with my lists, I’m just being sensible. I’m making a note of important things to make sure they are not lost in ones hectic life. My trusty list is a tiny part of my brain that I can leave behind and know that on my return will be there and not lost. A list doesn’t forget, it’s ready and waiting to give you the information you need, when you want it. A list is a friend, an ally, it’s a responsible way of thinking. But my lists, are getting out of hand…


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I am a film student and budding journalist.
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