“Under the sea”, Oceanarium: The Bournemouth Aquarium


Directly on the corner of Bournemouth, Seafront sits an award-winning Oceanarium.

The Bournemouth Aquarium is conveniently situated just off the seafront, a stone throw away from Bournemouth pier and walking distance from the City Centre.

The Oceanarium, which in 2008 was announced as the ‘Tourism Attraction Experience of the Year’ at Bournemouth’s annual Tourism Awards, invites visitors to journey around the waters of the world.

In the same year the Oceanarium introduced their new and exciting ‘Global Meltdown’ interactive feature.

Water Dragon

It warns us of the potential effects that global warning could have in our future with a look at London completely submerged in water.

Londoners, tourists and transport are all replaced with tropical fish and sharks.

Bournemouth Aquarium takes you from The Amazon to the Great Barrier Reef passing through Africa, Key West and The Abyss along the way.

There are so many different types of marine life to see including pig nosed turtles, puffer fish, an iguana and eels.


But a highlight of the Oceanarium has to be the new otter enclosure “Otter Oasis”.

They are the Oceanarium’s first ever mammals and have been since May last year after a £150,000 investment to help build the enclosure.

The Oriental small clawed otters are set in a stunning bamboo forest surrounded by rocky pools and flowing streams.


Stan, Roxy, Mo, Jess and Sophie are a real sight to see…


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