ATTACK OF THE DEAD : An original Stop-motion animation

Attack of the Dead, 1965FILMED in less than two days and on a budget of literarily £0, Attack of the Dead, 1965, directed by Thomas Robinson has been described by some critics as the greatest zombie film of all time. Only recently digitally restored for modern audiences, the film explores the collapse of a city at the hands of an outbreak of the undead. Groundbreaking for its time and with debut performances by some of 1970s most popular actors, Robinson’s first Stop-motion production has now been adopted by modern movie fans and will most likely be hailed as a cult movie phenomenon.
Read the full review in TIME Magazine today…

Given to me as a Christmas gift last year, my “Make Your Own Zombie Movie” and “Monster Movie” kits were blockbusters in the making. Well… Maybe not, but I certainly had fun making my “cult classic”. Combining the two kits, which included backdrops and various cut-out characters and objects, I knew that I wanted to make a zombie inspired movie but my idea involved using both kits. The zombie kit came with zombies, weapons and survivors, and I took people fleeing from the monster kit.

This was my first attempt at making a Stop-motion animation and I do not think it will be my last. After coming up with my initial idea and making a rough storyboard I used my kits and an SLR camera on a mini tripod to began my project. All in all I took over 200 stills. I found the editing the most time consuming (often the case in a film production), I had to source my soundtrack and arrange all the stills to tell my story.

I took inspiration for my movie from  George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, 1968, which is my favourite zombie film. I really like the simplicity of the story, I used my scenes in the city to tell the story of how the outbreak began. As Night of the Living Dead did with its breaking news cut scenes. As a stylistic choice I also decided to display my animation in black and white.


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One Response to ATTACK OF THE DEAD : An original Stop-motion animation

  1. Ian Kitt says:

    Love it mate, sound effects really bring it to life 🙂

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