MOvember 2013: DAY EIGHTEEN


I’ve finally got round to posting day eighteen. It’s been one hell of a busy week so this has literally been the first chance I’ve had.

MOvember 2013 has so far gone without a hiccup! No close shaves with the razor (unlike last year) and I have noticed many MOs out-and-about on the mean streets of the UK since the start of November.

Day eighteen’s MO is a snapshot of a 1980’s “Hipster” posing in front of his new ride on a Sunday afternoon preparing to cycle to the 7-Eleven store for groceries.

MOvember 2013


MOustaches in the news 

Pizza MOs

To do his bit for this years MOvember artist and chef, Domenico Crolla, has added moustaches to a number of his celebrity pizza art portraits.

Just some of the famous faces which appear in the Bella Napoli restaurant owner’s pizza artwork are Lionel Messi, the Mona Lisa, the Pope and Vladimir Putin.

Donenico of Glasgow, Scotland, said: “Giving celebrities a range of taches – from thick handlebars to small Chaplinesque styles – is a fun way to help change the face of men’s health.

“Whilst the effect can be comical – my own favourite is Vitoria Beckham sporting a Zapata-style growth – other famous figures, such as Tom Ford or Frank Sinatra, actually suit a moustache.”

To find out more visit:!pizza-art/cpap



Famous MOustaches 

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy (1961 – present)

Born Edward Regan Murphy on the 3 April 1961 in Brooklyn, New York City, Murphy is an American stand-up comedian, actor and writer.

Between 1980 and 1984 he was a regular on Saturday Night Live and spent time as a stand-up comedian. Murphy is ranked number 10 on Comedy Central’s list of the ‘100 Greatest Stand-ups of All Time’.

In 2007, he won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of soul singer James Early in Dreamgirls, plus Golden Globe nominations for the Beverly Hills Cop series and Trading Places.

Eddie Murphy has been known to play multiple roles in addition to his main character; this is intended as a tribute to one of his idols Peter Sellers.

For most of his career Murphy has expertly sported a ‘Chevron’ moustache (thick and wide, usually covering the top of the upper lip) often with a small triangular beard on his chin.



Facts about MOustaches

Scientists in Russia conducted an experiment in 2004, which found that some moustaches carry tiny particles of radiation that if combined with ‘Ethylene glycol’ could knock out organ systems systematically over the course of 72 hours. In a worst-case scenario too much exposure could even cause an apocalypse.


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