Online Portfolio

Fear and Loathing in Southampton

Below is just some of my published / un-published examples of work.

A selection of published movie reviews on Independent Cinema for the online magazine: Directors Notes

A feature written for the online magazine, Best Horror Movies: Dracula vs. Blacula: Which blood sucker is the baddest?

A double- page spread feature published in Professional Builders Merchant magazine and online: Social Media in the merchant industry

An article published on PHPI magazine’s website: Time to rethink heating?

A two page feature as featured in Synaesthesia Magazine‘s July 2013 edition, “7 Deadly Sins,” pp.36-37: Beard Envy: Living with the condition

A published feature in Synaesthesia Magazine‘s September 2013 edition, “Cities,” pp.82-84: Fear and Loathing in Southampton

A selection of published articles and news-stories on the Online Lifestyle Magazine: Yuppee online magazine

Various blog posts regarding my 2012 and 2013 MOvember attempts: MOvember

A light-hearted blog about my love for all things Middle-earth: Middle-earth: the ongoing fantasy

An interactive look at Brighton’s “Beach of the Dead 2012” using Twitter, qik and Storify: Zombies Takeover Brighton Town

A video news story covering Bournemouth’s annual German Christmas Market:


About tomrobinsonblog

I am a film student and budding journalist.
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