The return of UTOPIA

Channel Four's UTOPIA Contains spoilers

When a group of strangers find themselves in possession of the manuscript for a legendary graphic novel, their lives brutally implode as they are pursued by a shadowy and murderous organisation…

Last night saw the return of Channel Four’s excellent drama, Utopia, with episode one of series two.

Full of secret government plots, references to pop culture and a helping of ultra-violence, Dennis Kelly’s Utopia is perfectly directed, expertly written and beautifully scored. Utopia is truly ground-breaking.

Last night’s episode “Pressing Matters” took viewers back to where it all began. Back to the 1970’s to explain in much detail the story behind The Network’s interest in Professor Phillip Carvel’s (Tom Burke) Janus experiment.

“We’ve got a very odd first episode,” said Dennis Kelly about series two, “people are either going to really like it or really say ‘what the fuck did you do that for?’.”

Fiona O’Shaughnessy as Jessica Hyde in UTOPIA series one

We got a glimpse of Arby (Neil Maskell) and Jessica Hyde’s (Fiona O’Shaughnessy) traumatic upbringing and origins of The Network’s Milner – White Rabbit (Geraldine James and Rose Leslie). Episode one is unique in that it steps away from the timeline that we focused on in series one and instead took us back more than thirty years.

A bold move, but one that has paid dividends.

In the series one finale we were left with the harrowing discovery that Janus is actually inside Jessica Hyde. And it appears that The Network have their woman right where they want her.

Comic book fans Becky (Alexandra Roach), Ian (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett), and Grant (Oliver Woollford), were also left in a tight spot when we saw them last. The next episode of series two will undoubtedly bring us back up-to-date with series one and carry on surprising, shocking and entertaining us.

Fast-paced, fresh, clever, and British. Utopia is absolutely fantastic in so many ways. Bring on the rest of series two…

Series two, episode two of “Utopia” is on tonight at 10pm on Channel four.


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